Run Spot: Summer Streets

When Julia told me about Summer Streets, I had never heard about it before. I did my research and was extremely excited about what I found. I decided that a run along the Summer Streets route would be a perfect start to a Saturday. Here is their route.

Since I sort of skimped on my mileage in the beginning of the week to accommodate other cardio workouts and dancing, I decided to make this run a doozy. I not only set out to run the entire Summer Streets route, but to also accomplish my goal of running for over an hour. I did it! (And ran just over 7 miles in the process. Yes!) Here was my Route. (I added on at the beginning of my run in Soho/Tribeca and then at the end in Central Park.)

Here were my pros and cons of the run:

Tourist Again
The Summer Streets route is like a fun, fit tour of NYC. Though all of the neighborhoods were familiar to me, I had never seen them all strung together in this manner. Trendy SoHo to bustling Union Square. Iconic Grand Central to timeless Central Park. It was all the best parts of Manhattan threaded together one right after the other.

Distracted Much?
I decided to opt out of music for this run, anticipating that I would need my wits about me if there were crowds. It seemed like the time (and miles) flew since I was engrossed with tons of people watching, the Summer Streets events, and New York landmarks.

A Cool, Eerie Feeling
Strangely enough I kept having an eerie feeling while running. With traffic prohibited on Lafayette/Park and only glimpses of regular NYC traffic on major cross streets, it felt like I was in some kind of post-apocalyptic fitness world where people only ran, walked, biked or rollerbladed. I know it sounds crazy, but it really was a constant and quite amusing thought of mine. Sort of like I Am Legend, sponsored by Nike.

Even though Summer Streets did a great job of controlling the flow of pedestrian and bike traffic, it still got really congested in some places. I had a couple close calls with skateboarders and bikers, but ultimately steered clear of any collisions. Luckily, it got less crowded the farther uptown I went.

Fortunately, I didn’t collide with this lean, mean biking machine! Check out Julia at Summer Streets.

You still have one weekend left to check out Summer Streets, featuring two of our partners Whole Foods Market and REI. I highly recommend it! Run, walk or bike your way to all the free workout destinations.

Happy Running!
The Run Around Girl

One comment on “Run Spot: Summer Streets

  1. […] and tired with running that I search for ways to make it more interesting but other times (like my Summer Streets run) it’s fun and exciting. The latter is when I create more running goals, rush home to look at […]

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