Plank’s Olympic Challenge

Okay, so we’ve been watching the Olympics for about a week now, and no matter how hardcore our workouts are, we can’t help but feel inadequate compared to these incredible athletes. We know, they’ve been working on this athletic ability probably their whole life and are born specimens. We may not be able to achieve their skill, but why not try to emulate their dedication and drive? Hard work is rewarding. (Have you seen their bodies??)

Here’s Plank’s plan to kick it into high gear for the last week of the Olympics. Challenge your own body and honor the amazing athletes proudly representing their nations in the UK.

A Sprintastic Run Club
On Tuesday, August 7th at 7:10pm we’ll be doing 100, 200, 300 and 400 meter relay sprints around Roosevelt Park. With the relay style you’ll be able to run like the wind and then rest to gather up your energy during your partner’s turn. Torch calories and miles in this special Run Club. Go Team Plank!

After this Run Club, round up some friends and do this same sprint pattern later in the week. Try using a track to make it feel like you’re really in the Games! Here’s a site to find outdoor and indoor tracks in all of the boroughs. 

Defy Gravity
On Wednesday, August 8th at 8:00pm try a tower class dedicated to elevating and levitating like the gymnasts and rhythmic dancers.  Use the abs to lift and suspend as you work on finding length in the body through stretching, strengthening and inversions.

Knockout Workout
On Friday, August 10th at both 7am and 12pm train like a boxer or martial artist in this Plank 360 class. Kick, punch and jump your way to a tougher workout!

Other “Events”

Swim Fan

If you have access to a pool or body of water, then go for a swim. Depending on your swimming skills, choose a distance and stroke that’s a challenge for you. Need motivation? Bring one of your Olympic hopeful friends.

Spin Cycle
If you have a bike, ride a route, distance or time you’ve never done. Here’s a good site to find some new routes. 

No bike? No problem. Check out the sites below to rent one. If you reserve a bike online for an entire day, it’s comparable to the price of one class at many spin studios in the city. With the rental locations by water or parks, you’ll have a nice natural environment for this challenge.

By the Hudson
By Central Park
All over town 

If indoor spinning is more your style, then choose an instructor that’s known for his or her tough rides. Or, if you feel crazy and this Olympic stuff is really getting to your head, do two classes in a row.

With all of these “Olympic” challenges, the real idea is to push yourself to a place your body hasn’t been before. Throw out your nerves or your inhibitions and just go for it! You may discover that you’re capable of much more than you ever gave yourself credit for.

Julia and Kara will be doing this routine (5 days of intensity in 7 days) next week. Let us know if you plan on joining in this push and good luck!

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