The Cert Series: Quality vs. Quantity

Here’s another post from one of our apprentice instructors! This one’s by Tammy Lerch.

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.” –Joseph Pilates

Pilates is about quality not quantity. Since starting Pilates six months ago, I found I got the best results when I worked on my movement quality in each exercise. Many times in fitness, we do more reps of an exercise to feel the burn or benefit from it, but the opposite is true in Pilates. Instead of focusing on how many reps I was doing of each exercise, I started doing fewer reps and focusing on perfect form. When doing fewer reps you can concentrate on the body part that supposed to be working. You even feel a lot of muscles you’ve never used or forgot you even had. Using solely the muscles (not momentum) to control the resistance  of the body  was not easy at first, but it was after working on my movement quality that I finally started seeing results.

One result I’m seeing in particular is length in my body. Pilates has made me feel taller! Working the muscles in my waist, abdomen and back make me walk taller and sit straighter. Pilates has also made me feel different about my body. It feels good to have a flexible spine and stronger core! My mom (who got me interested in Pilates) used to talk about how her muscles felt lengthening, and now I understand what she means. Having the patience and persistance to find the perfect form and the correct muscle engagement is exactly what got me there.

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