The Worst Run Ever

I set out for a run aiming to accomplish my goal of running for an hour straight. Well, I was out of the house for over an hour, but some of that time was spent running and some of it I was recovering from a variety of obstacles that came my way. Here there are:

Untied shoe laces
I was stopped by a curious whipping sensation at my ankles. I never usually double knot, but I guess I will now.

Dog poop
I dodged it a few times along the first mile, and then I ran right into towards the end of my run. Lovely.

Bathroom Break
The perks of staying hydrated only go so far. A sweaty mess after 3.5 miles, I stopped in the World Financial Center (among all the classy, suited folks) to use their bathroom. Thanks, guys!

Side Cramp
This again! I haven’t had a side cramp in a long time, and this one came on toward the end of my run. With 1.5 miles to go, it was a slow and painful trek home.

Bikers beware
I came within three inches of colliding with a guy on his bike. Yes, it was my fault. I’m that jerk. When I was about the cross the lanes of the Hudson River Park, there was a ton of foot/bike/rollerblading traffic coming from the right. I was so focused on avoiding all of those people that when I looked to the left to cross, the biker and I were already on a crash course. One matrix-esque move on my part and I was in the clear, but I felt oh-so-ashamed running past the line of people who saw our almost-disaster. They all shook their heads at me.

My pride was a little battered and bruised after this run, and I felt like I just couldn’t win. Removed from the situation, it was probably one of the most eventful and funniest runs I’ve had. I’d prefer a more zenful cardio experience, but nothing like a few obstacles to keep you on your toes!

Happy Running!

The Run Around Girl

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