Running Circles Around My Goals

Well, I was definitely right in what I said in my last post about my running goals: things are definitely on an upswing. The past two weeks I’ve run 5 miles three times while also completing my other goals of running with someone every week and running at least three times a week. In the past two weeks I’ve run 23 miles! You could say I’m on a bit of an endorphin high from running so much and exceeding these goals.

In my last post, I also set a new goal: to run for an hour straight before Labor Day. Well, I have about 5 weeks left to accomplish this goal, so I think (if the weather’s on my side) I’ll definitely make it.

Though accomplishing all these running goals has been great, I’ve definitely come across some challenges.

  1. My hips are TIGHT. My dance classes are certainly helping me stretch out, but they focus more on hamstring openers than hip flexor openers. Even though I make a point to stretch my hip flexors in every dance class and while doing Pilates, they’re getting used so much that it’s almost a moot point. I’m going to try to hop into one or two yoga classes this week so stretching lunges can be my focus.
  2. Summer sun. It’s a killer. Last week, for example, I figured it would be fairly temperate at 9:00am, but I (stupidly) didn’t look at the weather and ran 5 miles in 90+ degree heat. That day it reached over 100 degrees in the city, so it really wasn’t going to matter how early I ran. I felt dehydrated the rest of the day because of it, so I have to be more careful of this as the summer continues.
  3. Which brings me to my next challenge: summer sweat. I hate doing laundry, and running in this heat inevitably yields the most foul loads of dirty laundry I’ve encountered. Enough said.

I’ll check in soon to let you know how my newest goal is coming: running around for an hour straight.

Happy running!

The Run Around Girl

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