Healthy Travel Tips

As we New Yorkers know, there’s a mass exodus out of the city every summer. It’s just too boiling hot to stay in this concrete jungle. I’m sure many of you have left the city at least once this summer and have other trips already lined up. Whether it’s because we’re in vacation mode, our schedule is different, or we don’t have access to our normal gym/Pilates studio, it’s easy for our diet and exercise to get off track. Here are some tips to make your next trip out of NYC a healthy one.
Pack Snacks in Advance
  • No matter what your mode of transportation is, it’s worth packing your own (healthy) snacks. You’ll ensure proper nutrition, portion size and calories that fit your lifestyle and diet. Don’t rely on the gas station convenience store for fresh fruit and veggies, and don’t always assume that Hudson News’ trail mix is low calorie. Sandwich bags with baby carrots, plain roasted nuts or pieces of fruit are great options.
Groceries, please

  • If you’re having an extended stay in your vaca spot, seek out a farmers market or grocery store. You can buy healthy foods that will keep you from dining out more than three times a day. Plus, you’ll feel like a local!

Menu Master

  • If you know where you’ll be going to dinner on your vacation, take a look at the menu(s) at home. We of course indulge while on vacation, so taking a look at the menu before you get there could save you some calories in the long run. When you’re on your home turf you’re probably more likely to be realistic about what’s a healthy menu choice that fits in with your daily diet, but while you’re on vacation your first impulse may be to get the menu item that’s more decadent. Doing this every meal could add many calories to your otherwise healthy routine. Finding a yummy, healthy option to dream about ahead of time could be just what you need to stay on track.



Buy an App

  • For those self-motivated travelers, having an app of your favorite kind of workout will help you stay active in the privacy of your hotel room. Whether the app is photo or video based, you’ll feel like you have an instructor in your room.

If you pack it, you’ll do it

  • Pack your workout clothes and sneakers for your trip. They take up significant amount of space in your suitcase, and they’ll be staring back at you whenever you dig in there to change your clothes. Change into them instead! Even if you just go for a long walk, you’ll feel like it was worth carting the extra clothes. They’ll do you good!

Do your research

  • If you know you’re not self motivated enough to give yourself a workout, then Google studios in your vacation area ahead of time. Make your reservation for a class in advance, just like those dinner reservations you make every night.  You pay ahead and are guaranteed a workout, even if you don’t feel like pushing yourself. You’ll feel great afterwards and happier in the bathing suit you’ll be wearing for the rest of the day.

All in all, taking small steps before you go on vacation could be the crucial steps in feeling and being healthy. Happy travels!

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