Another Cleanse Experience

Kara and I did a ton of prep and planning for our cleanse formula and calorie intake. Having very active lifestyles (as it’s part of our job), we needed to make a unique cleanse to keep our nutrition at a focal point. Read about our juice ingredients and Kara’s experience here.

As Kara mentioned, we decided to do a 48-hour cleanse. For me, this started at 6:00pm Monday evening and was set to end right before cocktails, hot dogs and fireworks on the 4th. We made a great formula with solid food options, juices and two different nutritious smoothies. With proper preparation, goals set in stone, and the formula ready to go, our cleanse seemed rather fail proof. Well, for Kara at least.  I had a slightly different experience…

I started my cleanse in the evening with the awesome banana, peanut butter, and spinach smoothie. I went to bed and woke up feeling tired but satiated.  Before I left at 6:00am, I added a tablespoon of peanut butter to a cup of kale green juice and drank that. I felt great, full (because it was early) and ready to go. Waiting for me at work were a peach, beet juice, lemon juice and carrots to have later in the day.  I taught until 11:00am and was fully distracted. I had another cup of green juice and half the peach by this time.

Feeling great, I went for my normal 4.5 mile jog where my workout was relatively unaffected. My energy level and strength were normal, but it was so hot that day, I was exhausted regardless. I felt alright after returning to Plank, but I couldn’t cool down because of the heat. Even though the semi-cold kale green juice was rather unappealing at this point,  I ate another couple cups of it along with the lemon juice and the rest of the peach. I almost finished the green juice (350 calories alone), so I thought I should’ve been more satisfied mentally. Despite this, that’s when I started to seriously decline. My stomach was fine, but my head was throbbing. My overall energy was affected the most.  It was 4:00pm when I went home, and I felt pathetic. I couldn’t fathom doing this cleanse for another 24 hours. I was exhausted and all the pieces kept falling in the wrong place. Not to mention my negative mood.

The issues lie here:

  • I worked a full 9 hour day with a very early start.
  •  It was above 90 degrees outside.
  • I only had 5 (bad) hours of sleep the night before.
  • I felt great in the morning! I wasn’t hungry and therefore hadn’t realized that the 2 cups of green juice were less then a ¼ of what I was suppose to drink. By this point, I should have also had either the lemon juice or beet juice.
  • And here’s the kicker: when I got home and opened my refrigerator I saw the second half of my green juice. I “smartly” package the green juice in two containers so I could bring one chilled back to work after my run. I forgot. This means, when I thought I had consumed 350 calories by 2pm, I had only had 175. I also hadn’t had my beet juice yet.

I threw in the towel. I felt that there was nothing this extra vat of green juice could do to help my head. I probably burned more calories than consumed and had been sitting on that feeling for five hours now. Yikes. I quickly made a massive PB and J, changed into my pj’s, chugged water and took an hour long nap. Something I never do. I didn’t feel great when I woke up, and obviously the cleanse was tarnished.

I continued the cleanse in moderation for the next 24 hours. The next morning I had an egg on toast with a cup of green juice for breakfast. I then had the rest of the green juice throughout the day with a small protein filled lunch. That was an awesome day!

I wouldn’t change many things about the cleanse itself, but I would change my routine. The food and formula are great, and I have incorporated the smoothies and juicing into my life. In just one week, I’ve had the green smoothie twice. It feels great to have in the summer with such pure foods and nutrients.

Being a ice cream addict, I’ve also incorporated it into my desserts. Here’s a great recipe:

Half an Artic Zero (I used the Chocolate/Peanut Butter flavor, but I think the Vanilla Maple could be great too.)
Half of a banana
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups frozen organic spinach
Dash of cinnamon
Optional: Reddi Whip on top

Blend and enjoy this awesome dessert that’s much healthier than the typical ice cream options–dense in greens, vitamins, potassium, good carbs, and protein.

All in all, it’s important to listen to your bodies when doing these cleanses. For me, it wasn’t a great time to continue. The important part is incorporating healthier snacks and meals into your life.  And I think I’ll just worry about that step for now.

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