Running Goal Reached!…and amended

I haven’t been able to reach my 5-miles-per-week goal for a couple weeks now, but things are on the upswing! I almost wrote a post this week about how  this goal was kaput, but after running 5 miles on Tuesday I feel renewed. I (finally!) accomplished this goal! Where running the 5 miles felt like an obligation or a struggle before, this time it was a run that made me remember why I set the goal in the first place. The original goal was set because running 5 miles for the first time was fun! When I decided to set this intention, it didn’t feel like a goal but rather an insurance policy where I could ensure I’d have that difficult yet positive experience every week. I almost felt ashamed when it consistently wasn’t happening, but now I recognize that I was being too hard on myself.

I was failing for a couple reasons. I hadn’t run 5 miles since I set the goal to do so on June 11th. I’d put off that specific run until the end of the week when I was too sore to complete the entire mileage. Even if I tried to run 5 miles on a Friday, my legs were too sore from exercising Monday-Thursday. If I wasn’t feeling too sore, then I ran out of time when weekend plans took priority.

All in all, here’s my advice to those who are trying to reach any fitness goal:

  • A goal is something that you work to accomplishing, so if it takes a bit to find success with it, that’s ok! Realize why you set the goal in the first place so you can feel the joy in working towards it. Relish in the struggles. It only means you’re pushing yourself.
  • Set yourself up for success by finding the ideal conditions and time to accomplish the goal. Note when you make positive strides to your ambition,  then tailor your goal attempts to model that positive situation. Even if you fail you’ll know that you tried your best.

I’m going to even set myself another goal to be accomplished by the end of the summer (Labor Day), because the exciting thing about running 5 miles again was that I felt like I could’ve kept going even after I stopped. My knees were feeling tired, but cardio-wise I felt great. That being said, I want to run for a whole hour straight. I think, depending on my pace, I could then reach 6-7 miles. That would feel pretty damn cool.

Happy running! (I know I am!)
The Run Around Girl

One comment on “Running Goal Reached!…and amended

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