“Cleanse” to Reset and Recharge

Cleanses can be an extremely daunting thing, especially with so many options to choose from these days. How do you know exactly which one is best for you and your lifestyle?  That’s why we at Plank created our own version that could be effective, but also not too jarring on the system for first time cleansers. We use the word “cleanse” lightly here since there are solid foods and smoothies incorporated, so think of it more as a reset and recharge for your body rather than taking your digestive system back to square one. 

Here’s the plan: 
48 hours/2 days 

  • 1 Blue Print lemonade
  • 1 Blue Print red 
  • Kale green juice
    We used this recipe as a base and tailored it more to our tastes. For example, I thought the original recipe was a bit tart, so I cut back on some of the lemons and limes and added a peach the second day. A banana could also be a good, creamier option.
  • Spinach green juice
  • 1 cup of solid fruit
  • 1 cup of solid veggies
  • Only drink water or decaf tea.
  • Exercise on both days.

Kara’s Day 1
Though I’ve never done a cleanse before, I was excited to start this one. One of the things that worried me most was not being able to have solid foods and how hungry that would make me. Hunger is almost something I fear, so I try to plan my meals and snacks in advance so I have an idea of what and when I’m eating throughout the day. I always thought that doing a cleanse would leave me feeling sick and tired, but instead I was energized!

I felt great all morning and afternoon. I even felt pretty good during a quick 2.5 mile run (very thirsty, but good!) This energy level maintained until about 5:00pm. It was here that I crashed and got a terrible headache. I think if I were at home (with a pantry at my fingertips) I would’ve probably cheated or given up. I opted to not finish my kale green juice since my recipe was a bit tart and bitter that day, but rather had a cup of baby carrots. I ended the day on a good note similar to how I started. 

Day 2
I anticipated waking up starving and daunted by the day ahead, but quite the opposite was true. I felt satisfied and ready for the day. I was more confident for the second day since I knew what was to come, and how I was going to battle my early evening slump. I made it through the day without a hitch, but “cleansing” on the 4th of July was tough. I’m glad that I did it since I know I avoided many extra calories, but the smell of New York’s rooftop BBQs made me insanely jealous that I couldn’t  have a burger. Knowing that I’m going to a BBQ over the weekend, where I will certainly get my fair share of summery foods, was the only thing that got me though.

I finished the day strong. I had “cleansed” for 48 hours and was proud of myself. However, I woke up around 2:00am starving. I had a tall glass of water hoping that it would pass, but 30 minutes later I was still hungry. I probably should’ve waiting until the morning to eat, but I caved and had some Go Raw Spirulina Chips.  I didn’t feel sorry about it at all. I went back to bed happy and content.

General Observations
As someone who loves to cook, I was pretty sad that I couldn’t go home at the end of a work day and make a meal. I wasn’t necessarily missing the food that would be in that meal, but rather the process of cooking it. I realized how much I rely on it as a relaxation tool. The upside of this is that there were practically no dishes to clean! Doing the dishes by hand is the worst part of my day, so I was pleased that there were barely any to do.


  • Both days I started with the lemonade and ended with the solid food. After a day of liquids, you just want to chew.
  • Have the spinach green juice in a thirty-minute window after a run or any other exercise. The peanut butter in that smoothie gave me the protein to feed my muscles and kept me satisfied.
  • Drink tons of water, and drink it slowly. Sometimes I’d feel so parched (after a run, for example) that I guzzled down a glass of water. I felt more hydrated, but then very bloated at the same time.

Why I loved our Plank “cleanse”
Again, we’re using the term “cleanse” loosely here, but I did feel like my body and mind were reset and recharged from these two days. Coming from a trip with the normal vacation indulgences, I felt like I needed this. If you look at the ingredients of what you’re eating, you’re feeding yourself food with supercharged nutrients. Once I was done with the two days, I didn’t want to jump back into solid foods that were processed or heavy. You feel good, so you want to continue feeling that way. I already feel like my meals are lighter and more nutrient packed rather than craving sugary or starchy foods just because they taste good. For this reason, I will definitely incorporate more Blue Print Juices and the spinach green juice into more of my daily meals.

If you have any questions about this “cleanse” or how to create a version that suits your lifestyle, email julia@plankpilates.com to set up a 30 Minute Plank Nutritional meeting.

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