Zero Miles Never Felt So Good


I went to Key West this past week to enjoy a short trip with great friends. There were the typical vacation indulgences, but I made sure to have enough discipline to run at least one of the days I was away. 

Since Key West is a 2 mile by 5 mile island, it was hard to feel like I wasn’t lapping myself without straying too far from the area I was familiar with. I zigzagged around until I hit 3 miles. To start, I ran south from my hotel to Mallory Square and the waterfront. It was certainly a beautiful view, and I knew that running by water anywhere I go is something that will keep me distracted and happy.  I ran to “Mile Zero,” also known as the southernmost part of the continental US. I couldn’t help but feel very Forrest Gump in this moment even if this “accomplishment” was in the first couple minutes of my run. I didn’t dawdle at this landmark, but rather ran north so I could get a couple more miles under my belt. My running scenery included other Key West landmarks like the Ernest Hemingway House, the Key West Lighthouse and Duval Street.

Luckily, I ran at 5:00pm, so the heat wasn’t too unbearable, but after a day of being in the sun and the ocean I felt pretty dehydrated. The 5:00pm time also meant that happy hour had begun for many people on the island, so I was a big hit. As I ran by, some groups congratulated on the calories I was burning and others asked if I would run an extra mile for them. That certainly made things a bit more interesting.

I was pleased with this run since it served the purpose of why I started running to begin with: a free workout I could do anywhere. Besides that, I was able to do reconnaissance work for the night ahead. I had never been down to that Mile Zero part of the water before, so I was able to check out that scene and report back to my friends before we went out for the night. I learned more about my destination while still taking some time to myself.

Happy Running!

The Run Around Girl

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