Hot Steps and Missteps

Take a look back at your life this past week. You most likely broke a sweat walking just a couple feet down the block. With three unbelievably hot days, I felt like I was constantly perspiring. So, because I’m crazy, I decided to run in that weather. I had to try to meet my goals after all.

The heat was my biggest obstacle on Wednesday (the 97 degree scorcher.) I was feeling pretty lethargic and needed something to pick me up. I desperately wanted to run, felt nervous about the heat, and ran anyway. I went for 30 minutes along the Hudson, and I was about one of three runners out there. When I finished the run I looked down at myself to assess the damage: swollen ankles, veiny legs and arms, slightly sunburned extremities and slick, dripping skin. I was sweating so much it looked like I had wet my pants. Gotta love that look. My body and breathing felt fine during the run, but it was the three-block walk home that felt unbearable. I couldn’t stand the  heat and my disgusting sweat. The one serious negative about this run: I was dehydrated the rest of the day. No matter how much water I guzzled, it didn’t seem like enough.

By this run I’d completed two of my three run goals: I’d run with someone (twice, actually! Once with Julia, once with Run Clubbers), and I’d run three times in the week. I still had to run five miles, and I only had Friday to do it since I had visitors over the weekend. Friday morning at 8:00am I made my way back to the Hudson to conquer the 5 miles, and once again, I couldn’t complete this goal. Granted, I did run 4.5 miles, but I simply couldn’t finish the last half mile. Something about my workouts during the week left me with completely exhausted and sore legs, so by this last run of the week it felt like my quad was going to explode every time my heel struck the pavement. Defeated, I walked the last half mile.

Once again, I didn’t complete all three of my running goals, and once again I’m crabby about it. From now on I’m going to try to run five miles at the beginning of the week. I usually have more rest time from exercise during the weekends so Mondays and Tuesdays may be prime time to go for a long run. We’ll see how this works out for me. I’ll let you know next week!

Happy running,
The Run Around Girl

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