Maybe Next Week…

Well, I blew it. My first week with my new running goals, and I didn’t meet them.  Because of this I started off the week feeling annoyed at myself and frustrated that I didn’t accomplish what I had set out to do. I realized that my self-proclaimed, not-so-lofty goals may actually be more challenging than I thought. 
Not only did I not meet my goals, but I missed two of them. I didn’t run three times this week, and I didn’t run 5 miles or over. My two jogs of the week were my 3.5 mile jaunt around Central Park with Julia and a quick 2 miles to clear my head. I was saving the 5 mile run as my last one of the week, but I put it off, had too much work, felt sick, decided to socialize instead. Yadda yadda. I could continue to rattle off excuses, but the bottom line is that it just didn’t happen. I thought about Molly’s guest blog on lululemon’s goal setting philosophy, and I felt comforted when I re read it. “Your goals should be attainable on the first try only 50% of the time.” Oh good! I suppose it will be even more satisfying if (I hope, when!) I accomplish my run goals this week. 
I even waited to write this post so I didn’t sound too negative or down on myself, but after starting off the week with a 4 mile run I feel excited for the <running> week ahead.
Happy running,
The Run Around Girl

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