Run Around Goals

As promised, I went for a run this past week with the sole purpose of thinking about what my running goals should be.  Here they are!

1. Run three times a week (atleast)
I think this is an insanely realistic goal (I ran three times this week), and I’ll probably meet or exceed this goal every week. I have one run set in my schedule every week with Run Club, and then that leaves two runs for me to find time for in between dance and other work outs.

2. One of the three runs per week must be for distance
I’m going to define distance as 5 miles or more. I only officially ran 5 miles once at the $5 for 5 Miles Event for WITS, but I had a break at 2.5 miles. This past week an extremely long traffic light at the West Side Highway threw off my 5 mile trajectory, but I came close! 4.6 miles. Honestly, I just got too bored jogging in place for that long. 

3. Run with someone every week
This can be satisfied in two ways: running at Run Club or with another person at another time. I think it’s important to run with people so you can push each other while simultaneously providing distraction.  Like at Run Club, you also don’t feel as crazy when you pepper in other cardio intervals like jumping jacks or, my personal favorite at Run Club this week, high knee skips. 

4. Run a 10K this summer
Okay, so I know that I haven’t even run a 5K race yet, but I run the equivalent of a 5K quite often. Not to mention, I had no idea how expensive racing could be. I understand paying that much when it’s benefitting a charity, but paying an entry fee of $30+ just to participate seems a little silly to me. It’s because of this that I’m not quite sure I’ll be an avid race runner, but I’d like to do one just so ya know, I can take my picture at the end of it and say, “Yeah, me!”

Here’s the 10K that I’m interested in. I think adding another mile in less than a month is very doable. 

Those are my goals, and I’m sticking to them. I know they’re not lofty or grand, but they satisfy exactly what I’m looking for. If I fall short with these goals then I can easily tell when I’m slacking. It sounds like it’ll be a healthy, cardio-filled summer. 

Happy running!
The Run Around Girl

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