5 Miles: I did it! But now what?


Sunday was Plank’s first $5 for 5 Miles Run/Walk event for Wellness in the Schools. You know what that means: my first 5-mile run.

Because I had successfully completed my run-four-miles-by-June goal twice before June even arrived, I felt pretty prepared. I was nervous looking at the runningmap.com route on the computer beforehand, but this ended up being one of the best runs I’ve ever had.

With Wellness in the Schools folks in attendance and a bunch of great clients (including our friends from Lululemon Soho!), there was a wonderful positive energy before we even began to run. Usually trudging through the first mile, I was instead excited and at ease since I was mostly socializing and having fun. My side cramp crept up on me a couple times, but I paid it no mind since I was having such a great time. Our larger group of runners settled into smaller groups based on pace. Though we’d never run together before it turns out my boyfriend Max and I have a pretty similar pace. His long strides and my smaller, faster steps worked perfectly together. (Does this mean potential future jogs together? We’ll see!)

Once Max and I reached the Brooklyn Bridge, I saw Julia and some other runners stopped. They were waiting for the second batch of runners to come to the bridge so we could head back together. I certainly welcomed this break, since it made the next 2.5 miles very manageable. I was tired once I reached Plank, but I felt fantastic. I had exceeded my original running goals, and it was the beginning of a beautiful partnership with WITS.

Future goals

I met and exceeded the goals I set for myself as a new runner, but now what? I’m not sure what route I should take with my new goals. While continuing to up my mileage doesn’t seem as daunting anymore, I’m not sure I’m completely interested in doing so. I know I would feel accomplished once I did it, but I don’t want to go too overboard for fear of injuring my joints and affecting my dancing. While I felt great on the 5-mile run, I did have ankle pain for the rest of the day. It was the same pain I had in my left ankle joint last week, but this time it stuck around a lot longer. I’m going to <use a run this week> to think about what I want from running in the future. I know I will continue to run a couple of times a week, but if it’s already satisfying the quick, free and outdoor workout criteria that I was originally searching for, then what will it become now? Something to think about.

If you have any advice for my future running goals please leave your comments here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy running!

The (5 mile!)  Run Around Girl


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