That’s Right! I Ran Two Miles

Boo. Yeah. I ran two miles! *Happy dance* But don’t let my new found confidence fool you. It wasn’t as easy as I’m making it sound.

I started off the week extremely motivated. As I wrote in my last post, I was determined to run at least two miles this week to make up for my slacker ways the past two weeks and be on track for my 4-miles-by-June goal.

I went for a run Tuesday morning, and when I woke up I felt like the stars were aligned for me to accomplish my two-mile goal. My body felt rested yet energized, I had the perfect small breakfast and enough time to digest it, the weather was overcast and cool, and I had plenty of time for the work out.

I started running and within a couple of strides I could feel my airway constricting a bit. This wasn’t normal labored breathing from cardio work, but rather my asthma acting up. My asthma was exercised induced and pretty severe as a child, but these days it only bothers me seasonally. When the weather changes (which it’s done a lot since last week—sunny and warm, rainy and cold, windy and damp) and I exercise, that’s what makes me asthmatic these days. So the second I asked more from my lungs than just the normal inhale and exhale, they started constricting. I was audibly wheezing; I couldn’t run more than a mile.

I had a sad and annoyed walk home. Gulping for air the whole time, I was frustrated that I only ran half my goal and that I didn’t have any immediate remedy for my asthma. I could take my inhaler when I got back to my apartment, but then there was no way I was climbing back down my six flights of stairs to try again. I’d save it for another day.

Wednesday the stars didn’t feel as aligned for a great run, but they were going to have to be. I needed to accomplish this two-mile goal. Later on Tuesday, the client that reserved the private session during Thursday’s Run Club time cancelled. That hour was free for me…to run with the Run Club. I had to have two miles under my belt so I felt confident that I could get through the Club. I made sure to bring my inhaler with me on Wednesday’s run just in case my asthma started acting up again. I ran a mile, started wheezing, stopped to take a puff of the inhaler and a couple more deep breaths, and I powered through another mile. Just like that! It was easier than I thought! I was sweating like a beast and felt my butt cramping a bit, but I was accomplished and proud. Another amazing realization—no side cramps! Hallelujah! A shout out to Matt—The sneaks make me feel so aligned and supported. A shout out to Julia—You’re right. I just had to push myself. Words to live by.

My MapMyRun app has been so helpful, by the way. I’ve updated it once, so it now talks to me when I hit a new mile, telling me my time, distance, and minutes per mile. I started beaming when the robot woman said, “You have run two point zero miles.” Thanks, gal. The photo from my two-mile run is above.

I’ll let you know how the Run Club goes!

So happy to be running around again,

The Run Around Girl

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