Run Recommendations

I’m no expert at this whole running thing, but based on my conversations with runners of all kinds (from novice to marathoners) here’s some info that may be helpful to you if you’re a beginner runner like me. There’s a lot of information to sift through out there, and I feel like I’m just skimming the surface. Here’s a smorgasbord of what I’m come across so far.

Running Plans
A Plank client told me about Couch to 5K. (Great name!) It was this schedule that taught her how to run as an adult.

I came across the Runner’s World Plan when I was reading their Newbie Chronicles. Here’s their very detailed beginner plan.

Pilates for Runners
If you’ve ever taken a class at Plank you know these exercises! Thanks Jack Rabbit!

New York Races
Once I get my 3 miles under my belt (which should be in about a month, I’m hoping!) I’ll start signing up for these. I’ll let you know which ones I sign up for so we can go as a Plank team!

This site lets you narrow down the exact kind of race you’re looking for. Here are all the ones for NY.

This may be a stretch, but I’d love to register for the Revlon Run/Walk for Women on May 5. If all goes to hell at least I can walk, right?

Another Plank client told me about this race and now I’m dying to do it. Check out the Color Run. Best t-shirt souvenir ever.

Running and Fitness Apps
My personal favorite is MapMyRun with Running Map as a close second.

My dad (ex runner) sent this article my way. I haven’t tried all of these apps, nor do I think I have the time to input all the information some of them require, but one may work out well for you. They sound great!

In the past I have used the Livestrong app and enjoyed it. It’s incredibly detailed.

My friend recommended Fooducate, and I love it! If you have some time at the grocery store, start scanning bar codes. This app will help you make healthier choices by giving a letter grade to your scanned food and comparing those letter grades to that of similar products.

Running Clothes
These are the new shorts I got at Lululemon, so I’m quite partial to these.

I’ll again recommend Runner’s World’s What To Wear page where you put in the weather, and it tells you how to dress for your run. No brainer.

Please send any other recommendations my way, and I’ll share them with everyone. Plus, Plank has an exciting running announcement coming soon. We’ll all need the tips then!

Happy running (and reading!),

The Run Around Girl

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