Run Day 6-Good Run/Bad Run

I had a terrible night’s sleep and was cranky and lethargic when I woke up. But alas, I am the Run Around Girl so I better, well, run around.

I haven’t done laundry in about two weeks (my disdain for laundry is only rivaled by my disdain for dishwashing), so I really didn’t have much active wear to choose from. The only clean item for my bottom half was a pair of too-short shorts from freshman year of college. My boyfriend even called me out on the <absence of> length of the shorts before I left. My apologies to the West Village who saw a lot of white thigh that morning.

It was too cold for my little hot pants, so it was motivation to start running and warming up right away. I have to say, it was definitely my best and worst run yet. I felt my side cramp, but it came on slowly and was more subdued. More like an after thought. I really focused on my breathing and stride. I saw a runner the other day who had a toe-ball-heel stride like my former self, so I decided to try it out again for about a block. Yuck, not comfortable at all. I was glad that I had fully converted to heel-ball-toe way of life.

The run felt hard, but not as hard as it has before. I stopped in front of my apartment building, finished with my mile loop, and instantly realized I could’ve kept going. I was annoyed that I didn’t push myself. It was a good run because I felt like I had made progress with the side cramp and breathing, and I didn’t feel like I was going to keel over and die at the end of it. But that makes it a bad run too—I should’ve pushed myself until I felt like I was going to keel over and die. I would’ve liked to see what my mile count was then, even if it was just a couple tenths of a mile more.

I’m enjoying the MapMyRun app on my phone, but I’ll give you even more details about it when I have more runs logged in the system.

Tomorrow morning I’ll go for it again, running for that keel-over-and-die moment.

Happy running,
The Run Around Girl

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