Coconut Oil and Honey: stop coughing right now!

Coughing is something the body needs to do to clear the large passages from secretions, irritants, microbes, and foreign particles. Without the cough, our bodies would become the victims of a large number of airborne diseases. But, they are annoying and can even become painful.
Over the counter lozenges contain chemicals that reduce congestion and can have a horrible effect on heart rate. But here is something that will actually do good for your body, as well as treating the symptoms of your cough.

Ingredients: 50ml of coconut oil / 50mg raw organic honey / Pinch of Ceylon cinnamon

Whip the coconut oil until it is frothy, slowly incorporate the honey to form a thick paste. Add the cinnamon, and pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. Put the tray into the freezer for 30 minutes, store them in a glass mason jar in the fridge for up to 2 months. Use daily!

Wake up and drink water. The best tip we could ever give you.

Water is the miracle drink for the body. The body needs water to survive, to stay hydrated, and to keep nourished. The body is made up of 80% water, being muscles 75% and the blood 82% water. Water is very significant in making sure the body is working properly. Drinking water right after you wake up can help purify the body’s internal system. It can aid in colon cleansing, so the nutrients that enter the body will be absorbed better.
When water is drunk right after waking up it encourages the production of hematopoiesis, which can also be called new blood. This new blood will help the body restore itself, eventually curing diseases. There are many benefits to drinking water right after you wake up:
Water makes the skin healthier: When the body is hydrated with water, the water removes toxins and bacteria from the blood which can result in better-looking skin.
You’ll have a balanced lymph system: If water is drank first thing in the morning it can balance your lymph system. The lymph glands are responsible for fighting infections, so you can you perform various activities daily.
You’ll lose weight: When you consume about 16 ounces of water every day your boosting your metabolism by about 25 percent. Aways drink water in the morning to shed extra pounds.

Pink Himalayan salt is much more than a pretty little thing

Pink salt is a salt that is found in the Himalayan mountains in a range stretching across Asia through China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and India.
The different hues of pink, red, and white are an indication of the salt’s rich and varying mineral and energy-rich iron content. Pink Himalayan crystal salt contains all of the 84 elements found in our bodies, just to name a few: sodium chloride, sulphate, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
Conventional table salt is completely stripped of a good majority of its minerals with the exception of sodium and chloride. It is bleached, cleaned with chemicals and then heated to an extremely high temperature. Then the iodine is added in that is almost always synthetic that is quite difficult for our bodies to take in. Many studies have shown that for each gram of table salt consumed the body cannot process, your body will use 20 times the amount of cellular water to neutralize the amount of sodium chloride that is presented.
Some of the benefits that you can expect by consuming this salt in place of regular table salt include:
Aiding in vascular health
Supporting healthy lungs and respiratory function
Promoting a stable pH balance within the cells
Reducing the signs of aging
Promoting healthy sleep patterns
Strengthen bones
Lowers blood pressure
Improves circulation
Detoxifying the body of heavy metals
Promote healthy pH balance in your cells
Regulate the water content throughout your body
Iodine- Natural salts, like pink salt, are rich in iodine. This means that it does not need to be artificially added in.
Less sodium – That can sound strange, but Himalayan salts are mineral packed crystals. They are formed naturally in the earth made up of 85.62% sodium chloride and 14.38% other trace minerals like sulphate, bicarbonate, bromide, and strontium.

Is your body in lack of water?

Water makes up over two thirds of our bodies and is responsible to keep many of our organs running smoothly, including our skin.

Amidst the rush of our daily lives, sometimes we not only feel thirsty but our whole body is dehydrated, as the water level is below the required limit for the normal functioning of the organism. There are four major warning signs that your body is craving for some pure clear liquid.

There are many things that lead to fatigue, but if you feel tired during the day it could be because you reach for the caffeine to often and not for the water enough. First thing in the morning have a glass of lukewarm water; it helps to wake you up better than coffee, and it will wake up the liver and digestive system as well.

Dry Skin
Chances are if you are dry on the outside, you are running dry on the inside as well. Don’t use lotions and cream to cover up the problem, have some water instead.

Water helps to lubricate the digestive tract, it also helps to keep the moisture inside the intestines. When you are not consuming enough water, you will more than likely have problems with bowel function.

Headaches can be a clear sign that you need water. So next time you get one, try to breath deeply and drink a good amount of fresh water before you swallow a pill.

Plank Tone It will make you glow!

Working out not only helps your figure, but also improves your complexion. When you get your heart pumping from aerobic exercise, like our Plank Tone It classes, you’re supplying your skin with a nice dose of oxygenated blood, giving you that great post-workout glow.

Exercising also helps maintain healthy levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol, and elevated cortisol levels are linked to increased sebum production, which means more acne breakouts. Too much cortisol can also cause the collagen in the skin to break down, increasing wrinkles and sagging. Physical activity actually supports the production of collagen, keeping your skin firm, supple, and elastic.

Regular exercise boosts circulation, nourishes your skin and bringing more blood flow and oxygen to it. Plus, sweating cleans out the pores of congested skin and corrects the hormonal imbalance that can cause adult acne.

The amazing benefits of dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing is a simple way to improve the overall condition of your skin, stimulate your blood circulation and pretty much do magic for your epidermis.
Brushing your skin is like a manual mechanism that cleans up the upper layer of the skin, firms it and stimulates body processes that are extremely important for a strong immune system and our flawless looks.

As it removes surface toxins and dead skin cells it promotes detoxification, what is essential for a glowing appearance. The act of exfoliating is the key – when removing dead skin cells, new ones form more quickly. It also helps for unclogging the pores, which lets the skin breathe.

Another great advantage of dry skin brushing is the effect it has on the lymphoid system, which is an important part of the immune system, as it manually stimulates the lymphatic fluids’ circulation. It also increases blood flow, promotes the production of hydration oils, aids digestion and stimulates the nerve system in supporting muscle tone.

And last but not least, dry skin brushing helps reducing cellulite. The brushing method tightens the epidermis and contributes to destroying the fat buildup that wrinkles the skin.

The brush should be natural, stiff-bristled brush and the practice should be done daily taking around 15 minutes.

Start from the feet, using long, sweeping motions. Make sure you are not scrubbing or putting too much pressure, otherwise you may cause yourself an irritation or redness. For the stomach area perform counterclockwise movements and for the back – upwards strokes. Finish with the hands, arms and chest, avoiding parts that might be more sensitive, such as the face. It’s a good idea to take a shower afterwards to wash away the dead skin cells.

Think outside the box of chocolates, or have some really good ones suggested below!

Valentines Day is fast approaching and if you’re left with what to do here are a couple of suggestions ..

“Sex On The Table”
247 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY11231
On Saturday, February 14th 2015 @ 7pm

Although Steep at $175 per person
Valentine’s Day “Foodporn” makes it one of my top picks..—

One of the coolest things I found was a company called “Sex On The Table” They offer regularly scheduled aphrodisiac cooking classes as well as the most awesome valentines day inspired dinner.

Their advert states…
Forget the white tablecloths and red roses. This Valentine’s Day, experience ripped denim and studded red leather jackets with a seductively charged menu to match.
We call it Foodporn. With David Bowie and Depeche Mode as our inspiration, we summon the dazzling and sultry veneer of the glam age.
At his latest restaurant venture in Brooklyn, Michelin-starred and all around sexy European ChefFed will team up with amateur Iggy Pop reincarnation and Momofuku alumni Chef Brendan Costello to get down and dirty with 6 courses of bacon, bourbon, kumquats, and hay.
Release your inner hot tramp when we take V-Day to a whole new level. Celebrate love with the gritty eroticism of the 80s and come join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event that has never been done before.
Never has V-Day been cool. We thought it was about time.

I would LOVE to go, if any of you single fellas are up for Foodporn let me know! ;)

Romance Under The Stars
Cullman Hall of the Universe and Hayden Planetarium Space Theater
 (Enter at 81st Street)
$125 per person Times: 6 and 9:30 pm

*Another favorite find.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a unique NYC experience only at the Hayden Planetarium! Join us for a cocktail hour, complete with open bar, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres, along with the music of the Josh Rutner Quartet. Then join Hayden presenters Lydia Maria Petrosino and Ted Williams in the planetarium for a view of the night sky. Sit back and enjoy some of the greatest romance stories from the ancient celestial past.

*This awesome event looks like it is already sold out, but there always tickets the night of because people cannot make it for one reason or another.. I would definitely try.

Valentine’s Day Cocktail class at Apothe’ke  2 p.m. and 5 p.m.; 9 Doyers St., nr. Bowery; 212-406-0400; $125

Sure, it’s fun to drink cocktails, but you know what else is fun? Learning exactly what goes into them. At this hands-on class at the renowned apothecary-themed mixology den, you’ll learn about aphrodisiacs and the “sexiest cocktails imaginable,” while leaving with the skills to make three to four drinks on your own. What you do with this knowledge is up to you.
* Valentines Day doesn’t not have not to be expensive, just a little thought, effort, and creativity is all that is required. Everyone I know loves to receive something that has been handmade because it’s been infused and inspired with intention and love.

A great idea is a Valentines Date Night jar
Find a nice glass jar with a lid, even decorate a coffee can or a Chinese take out delivery container, get creative!

Fill the jar and have each little paper inside the jar contains a date idea. Each month pick one out and you have four weeks to make sure to set aside an evening to do whatever is on the card. Have fun with it!

Oh.. And here are the chocolates that I mentioned earlier… If you’re going to indulge, this is it!!

Valentine’s Day Gifts from Leonidas Belgian Chocolates
Located at – 485 Madison Avenue, New York, NY

You can never go wrong with chocolate from Leonidas Belgian Chocolates.
If you’ve never had a piece of chocolate from here you are in for a treat.. Seriously!!

6. Get you and your loved one a Class Package at Plank!!
(For after the chocolate) ;)

But whether you are coupled or flying solo remember,
“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”
Happy Valentines Day!!