Finding Your Body Type

Often times body types are, strangely enough, spoken about as shapes or relatable objects: “He has a v-shaped upper body.”  “She has a pear-shaped frame.” However, there’s actually a more anatomical and interesting way to look at your body type that goes deeper than physical appearance or shape.

There are three body type categories (somatotypes), but many people are blends of the the three. Discovering your body type can be extremely helpful since you can usually find the right exercise that work best for you. It can explain why you thrive in strength training while the person next to you in class may exhaust after three pushups, or why you struggle with a mile jog while others run like the wind. Enjoy figuring where you lie in this spectrum. You’ll mostly likely learn a lot about your body in the process!


Physical Characteristics

  • Lean physique
  • Small skeletal structure
  • Weak muscles
  • Fast metabolism


The Best Ecto Workout

  • Efficient workouts that are effective yet energy conserving
  • Shorter, more intense strength training workouts
  • Needs plenty of rest between workouts and between sets of exercises
  • Fewer cardio workouts per week than the other somatotypes

Physical Characteristics

  • Athletic physique
  • Presdisposition for muscle gain and fat loss

Best Meso Workout

  • Cardio. Since mesomorphs can gain weight more easily than an ectomorph it’s more important that they train cardiovascularly. They usually have to work harder at the cardio rather than strength or weight training.
  • “Surprise” the muscles. Because mesomorphs can easily gain muscle try strength training workouts that change in intensity and weight/resistance.
  • Though resting periods aren’t needed as much as ectomorphs, they’re still necessary since a meso can push themselves to the point of injury.


  • Rounder physique
  • Strong lower extremities
  • Slow metabolism

Best Endo Workout

  • More cardio workouts than mesos and ectos.
  • Cardio should be low impact to avoid potential joint injuries.
  • Weight/resistance training should be mostly compound exercises (working more than one muscle at a time)

Be aware: these categories explain a body’s natural predisposition with healthy eating and exercise, and with that in mind, always be realistic to your body type. A mesomorph could easily look like an endomorph with a poor diet and little exercise, but an endomorph will never become an ectomorph. If one tries to attain this unrealistic goal it could be an unhealthy and frustrating health journey. It is best to learn your somatotype or somatotype blend so you can be as healthy as possible for your body. You’ll be happiest and feel your best in those times!

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