Run Day 5-Double Duty Cardio

Look at me! I get one mile under my belt, and I’m ambitious enough to run two days in a row. Not only that, but I combined my run with another type of work out, something I’d been nervous to do in the past. (I know, running a mile isn’t exactly a killer, sore-for-days work out, but I wanted to be careful to not do too much too soon.)

I did some research and found that my apartment to Plank is just under a mile. So I got myself together, inhaler in my pocket in case things went terribly wrong, and was on my way. I chose to run along Houston since the sidewalks are wider there than on Prince, but my only complaint was that I definitely breathed in more exhaust than I clean air. My breathing was a bit interrupted because of this, but I still made it to Plank in about 8 minutes. Not too shabby, I thought.

I got to Plank with enough time to rest, then took Julia’s Plank360. I have to say, I certainly enjoy that kind of cardio so much more, but I think running to the studio before a class could be a nice way to intensify the workout for me. In the future, I’ll try to time it so I have a shorter resting period between the run and class.
If I was really ambitious, I would’ve run home too, but I instead called my mom and enjoyed the sunshine. My legs felt a strong but heavy after all those P360 lunges, so window shopping at the Prince Street boutiques was a nice treat.
I’m pretty depressed by this next stage. Running a mile isn’t exactly easy for me, but it has to become easy soon so I can start improving again. I need to be able to run 2.5 miles by the end of April to be in line with my goal of completing 4 miles by June. That’s a little daunting to think about. I hope I can do it!
Here are some sites I’ve been using to track my running routes:
Running Map
I like this website better than MapMyRun. I didn’t get the app for my iPhone because the MapMyRun app was free. There’s less fuss with the map for this site, since I’m really just curious about my distance.
This website’s a little more complicated and seems to be for a more serious runner. I got their app for free, so I’ll test it out on my next run. I think it will be helpful to have in the moment since I already have my phone with me for music and in case of an emergency.

Let me know what you think! Leave your feedback here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Running,
Run Around Girl

Run Day 4-Hallelujah, It’s Raining Miles

It had been a long, busy day for me, and I really needed to do something for myself. I ate a late lunch, let myself digest in front of some Food Network shows (duh), and got dressed for a run.

I stepped outside, and crap. It’s raining.  You can’t bring an umbrella on a run.

I wasn’t wearing anything water resistant, so within a couple of blocks I turned into a soggy mess. My zip-up jacket, shorts and sneaks were soaked through, but when I got into my rhythm I fell into a zen-like, one-with-the-elements state. I had a new route through the residential West Village, and it was all quiet streets and falling flower petals. Very pretty. I stopped only once, and it just for a 5 second shoe check. I was almost certain I had stepped in dog crap, but it just must’ve been a particularly smelly street corner. Rain and excretion are not welcome on my sneakers. That would’ve been too much for me in these new conditions.

You’ll get tired of me saying it, but my cramp of course stabbed my side. I worked through it (running a continuous 1.15 miles!), but it wasn’t easy. Thank god the streets were semi-deserted in the rain because I was grunting and growling my last couple blocks. I felt like I was running through molasses with this intense side pain; it made every deep breath shorter and caused my legs to go heavy. I stopped a block away from my apartment with a life-as-a-runner-is-tough look of pain on my face (running has made me such a drama queen!), but the short stroll home and my dreaded walk-up worked out my side stitch enough where I didn’t loathe the experience. I was very proud of myself for running <over!> a continuous mile, and I was only able to do it because of Julia’s advice.  Now let’s see if I can do it again….and move onto my second mile. Oh my god, it hurts just to think about it.

Thanks for your support! Leave me some tips on how to get my second mile under my belt here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Running!

The Run Around Girl

PS–Check out this cool website I found while searching for water resistant running clothes. You put in the conditions, they tell you what to wear! I wish I had a site like this for regular clothes! 

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